What We Do

What We Do

Here at HRN we are passionate about our service and we will do our utmost to make sure you enjoy your time with us and enjoy punting on the racing.

HRN prides itself in finding value on horses and will only tip singles over 5/1 along with this there will usually be a short priced multi bet which have proved profitable long term.

Due to only tipping horses over 5/1 we do not hit daily and we will encounter short or long losing runs but this is part of the game and this is where your pound per point plays a big part in your game plan.

The Point System
HRN will send you the bets via email and/or Telegram and each bet will have a set number of points by it. You select what 1 point means to you in pounds.

E.g. If you select £10 to be 1 point
1 point = £10
2 points = £20
5 points = £50
and so on…

A typical way to play is to have 100 points in your betting bank ready to start.
Starting with £100 would = £1 per point
Starting with £1000 would = £10 per point
and so on…

*Please be aware we have encountered a long losing run of 33 points before a winner.

*Please be aware daily points may vary with the amount of racing that day. Some days can be 4 points staked other days can be up to 20 points staked.

Unfortunately, we can’t pick when a losing run starts or ends but we can help you get through it.

By default, you will be added to the email list but if you would like to be added to our Telegram broadcast please send me your name (as it appears on PayPal) and mobile number via email. Nobody else will see your number within the group and it will not be shared.

Social Media
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